My journey started when I decided it was time to surrender my life to God as my salvation followed after one of my children chose to follow Jesus. My faith in God gave me the ability to break away and stand up for myself. All this was in the midst of my relationship already being estranged with the person I had been living with for 18 years.

Upon standing up for what I now believed in, became the cause of us driven out of the house my kids were born and raised. Everything stripped from us, and we were not allowed to take anything with us, leaving us entirely destitute. At the time, I had the job, neither work experience nor matric, yet I had four children to support (all still schooling at the time), but I found strength and support in Jesus Christ.

The children’s dad refused to pay maintenance, and even questioned their paternity, and had a blood test done for all four children; this was very humiliating for me. Our journey took us to a point where I drove around with the police looking for shelter. I ended up begging for food and money to survive, but God saw us through this challenging time. I was broken and torn apart, not knowing what my tomorrows held, but continued holding onto God for dear life. I had a choice to stay on or let go of the possibility of my life ending in a mess.

At the end of 2016 I finally decided to get counseling with Women of Substance SA counselors, and only during my sessions did I fully understand the depth of my brokenness. Through my counseling journey, I found inner healing, restoration, and closure to things that kept me in bondage, and that was my ultimate breakthrough. Nine years later, through many trials, many tribulations, and tough challenges, I stand firm, because I chose to hold on in my darkest moments.

My children completed their school careers and afforded the opportunity to further their education. We own brand new vehicles and are now proud owners of a beautiful house that has everything and more than what was on our prayer request list for God. I am grateful that I have a good job and holds a good position that was only possible with God.

I stood on a word God gave me when I had an encounter with him upon accepting him as my Lord and Savior:


I am in absolute awe of God and believe that 2018 is the year of transformation. I am going to pursue God on a DEEPER LEVEL this 2018 And LEAP into my God-given purpose and destiny.

Today, I can proudly say that WOSSA has taken me from a DEEP BROKENESS to a COMPLETE WHOLENESS, thus allowing me to minister and encourage others out of a WHOLENESS and not a BROKENESS!

Jean Morris
LEAP into my God given purpose and Destiny

In August 2014 during Women’s month, I was invited to a Woman of substance event in Cape Town at the Fountain Hotel. Although I am a believer, I still had a lot of hurt, pain, and un-forgiveness in my heart. With the testimonies that went out that evening, I realized that I could also receive healing and let go of my emotional baggage. During the invitation for prayer, I was already on my feet, up from my chair, making my way to the front. After the great faith-filled prayer I immediately felt how the pain went from my heart.

Immediately I could feel the difference. My journey from brokenness to wholeness started that evening. I also went on a God encounter day, I’ve also learned over time that it is a continuous process to keep your wholeness. A daily walk with the Lord to keep your heart clean, protected and guarded, only by the Word of God. God’s grace is sufficient for us ALL! Glory to God!

Nicolene Smith
Healed from Emotional Baggage

I was living a life mired in unforgiveness that created a state of negative emotions, anger, hatred, and bitterness. I was broken and felt such pain that I started to pull away from people, not allowing them in my circle not knowing, that refusing to forgive has much more consequences than the pain of being wrong.

I could not find it in my heart to forgive the people closest to me who have hurt my family and me. Although I knew refusing to forgive is not pleasing to God, I persisted in disobedience, disrupting fellowship with God. I realized I needed help to overcome this stronghold that ruined my health and life. I thought it was unfair for those who have hurt me to receive forgiveness while I was in pain and they were not paying anything for the pain they have caused. I then realize I am helping myself when I choose to forgive, releasing them to God and being obedient to His word.

An invitation to a God Encounter day, I had an encounter with God and decided to forgive those who have hurt me and set everyone free including me from un-forgiveness. The teachings on forgiveness changed my life and brought awareness. Yes, the challenge to let go is a decision, in the same area I was delivered from, but I conquered it through prayer, staying steadfast in the faith through the help of the Holy Spirit and the support of my spiritual leaders.

Forgiving from the heart and even praying for those who have hurt me, I was able to find peace. Forgive yourself and those who have injured you. God has given all of us a purpose in life, and it does not include un-forgiveness. I learned that everyone makes mistakes. Leave the past in the past, do not remind the devil of the history, but tell him of the future and he will flee.

I want to encourage you. If there is anyone you need to forgive today, don’t let another day pass without granting forgiveness. I was delivered, healed and set free; God did it for me, He can do it for you too!

Lezan Erasmus
Don’t let another day pass without granting forgiveness

This week we are honored to name Bonicia Williams our Rose of the week. A woman of strength and tenacity, she is 1 of 3 sisters who endured many hardships.

After losing their home and having her stepdad desert the family, Bonicia, her mom and siblings were left to fend for themselves on the streets. Not having anywhere to go, they were forced to sleep in parks, beaches, along river beds, in shacks and single rooms with various people.

Her father whom she did not have a relationship with, other than only meeting him three times just saying hello, passed away when she was just 11 years old. Through it all, she had a strong sense that God loved her.

She left school in grade 9, at the age of 16 to support her family. Bonicia got married and had two beautiful twin daughters at the age of 21. Children being children noticed that they did not have grandfathers like their friends and started to ask questions. It prompted her to visit her stepdad and take her siblings with her, after not seeing him for years. An opportunity to forgive and to be forgiven and allowed God to heal them both. She had never before felt such peace! He passed away just months later. Bonicia expresses her absolute gratitude to God for His gentle prompting to mend things, even in the moments when we are not to blame for the hurt and pain. It’s in the act of obedience to the prompting, to take the step to forgive that brings about healing. Because of God’s love, she was set free! Bonicia boldly proclaims that there is no better love than the love of Christ!

She will soon be 53 years old, married 32 years to a husband who loves God first ( the only time she’ll take second place), two beautiful daughters (inside and out) and a beautiful son with a heart of gold!

Her past no longer moved her.! She is blessed and highly favored, and through it, all know that God loves and watches over her family.

Bonicia Williams
From Rags to Riches

I was beyond broken in every meaning of the word and more. From molested at a very young age to be a victim of extreme abuse. I considered taking the lives of my kids and myself… however, through coming to the ministry, I found peace in that storm of my life. I knew that there was hope. Although my life has not been moonshine and roses all the way, the journey and life’s challenges drew me closer to God because I knew that He heard my cries. I survived a stroke during this period also being unemployed, homeless with two teenagers that were utterly dependent on me as I was the breadwinner. However, because of the choice that I made to be Radical for God, because of what He did for me, I grew daily in strength, courage, and wisdom through these storms I kept on running towards Him.

Being born into a Religious home had no meaning or reality into my life until the age of 38 when I first decided to open my heart to save the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I started building a radical relationship with Abba Daddy as He handpicked me very suddenly with a complete turnaround of my life and lifestyle. I availed myself to be used in the Kingdom unselfishly and with the guidance of my pastors and spiritual mentors grew deeper and deeper into this #WomenofSubstanceSA -Thailand I am today.

God by His grace took me from brokenness to wholeness. I am a victorious queen of Abba Daddy.

You have a choice! Don’t allow life to knock you down. Make that choice to get up again and live a life not pleasing to men but pleasing to Dad. No one, but no one can do for you or me what Jesus can do. Just Believe!

Zenobia Zee Ghanaatpisheh
I am a victorious queen of Abba Daddy.

Elebine started out with us as a quiet and timid individual. Over the years we have watched her bloom into this beautiful rose that she also attests. She is married to Andre Jooste and is the proud mother of Emrin, Arne, and Errin-Lee. She is a theatre nurse at Groote Schuur Hospital and is a devoted member of Victory Praise Chapel.

As the years went by Elebine realized that she was not too old to follow her heart’s desire which was to dance. Her health was not also, but she pursued none the less and now, a New Season for Elebine and she moves with passion while seeking her purpose, especially in her spiritual dancing and teaching.

Today, as a Star in God’s eyes we see how that when we allow God to lead us we can never go the wrong way. My message to the everyone especially the married women, pray for your husbands and be the helpmate that God intended you to be, our husbands needs our support and prayer. Honor and respect have its reward. Remain focused and steadfast in the faith; you are not alone. It’s essential to be hewn into the vine, be crafted in.

Elebine Jooste
A Star in God’s eyes

A young man walked into our lives while being homeless, depressed, angry and filled with bitterness. Besides the fact, the doctors declared him “brain damaged.” When he was being counted out, God had grander plans! After being involved in a fatal accident, Rigney was on the way to the mortuary in a hospital where, after an encounter with God, he awoke!

The road to full recovery continues, but the man who would never walk, never talk or be the same again is a walking talking testimony of God’s goodness. The hospital workers call him the miracle man! When he first came into our meetings, he was timid and inferior but through WoSSA intervention and lengthy counseling received the spiritual and emotional restoration which only began after a few weeks, and progressed well even after the brain damage he suffered through the accident.

Rejected by individual family members and friends, lived on the streets as he had no place to go, then found a bed at the shelter where he lived for a period. Rigney says the love he receives and the non-judgmental approach helped him overcome his fear of man. The relationship restored with his relatives, and he now visits them weekly. It is a privilege to be a part of his journey and to see him being encouraged, daily grow in confidence and share his powerful testimony as moves from strength to strength through the Grace of God. He has a full-time job and lives independently and exhorts and encourages others. We serve a God of miracles, and He makes the impossible, possible!

Rigney Marsden
From death to life….Brokenness to Wholeness!

My first experience with WoSSA was at a high tea hosted by Pastor Terri Hannie in 2011 at the Elsies River campus in Cape Town South Africa. In my rebellion, I accepted the invitation from a family member who ensured me that I would receive healing. I didn’t know how emotional healing will happen, so I was inquisitive and decided that although double-minded, I went.

I am married with three children and raised by my aunt and uncle. I had no relationship nor did I know my mother so this left a void in my life making me feel like a dot out there in the world, and no one cared for me or knew that I existed. At the end of the message Pastor, Terri said that the altar is open for prayer especially for those in need of restoration from their brokenness. I found myself weeping at the altar uncontrollably and knew that this was a supernatural thing going on inside of me. My healing began on that day at the “In her shoes” High tea.

The Women of Substance SA ministry played an integral part in my healing and restoration process, which took time but they were patient with me. So many showered me with love and acceptance, Pastor Terri shares her motherly love with us all, and I thank God for this awesome privilege to be a part of WoSSA, and I am now able to pray for others who find themselves in the same position.

Cathleen Barnes
From Rebellion to Acceptance