Standards for Ambassadors

  • To be courteous with other ministers, speakers and guests in a manner of excellence and respect treating all with great dignity being punctual at all times
  • To show compassion and be supportive
  • To be transparent at all times. Speak truthfully (and be open to receive the truth) and shall by no means be a part of any plagiarism and steer clear from using resources belonging to others, this applies to both oral or in writing, unless permission granted from the inventor/originator.
  • To maintain the right attitude in every situation
  • To do all things with integrity, in honesty and excellence, respecting confidentiality.
  • To be a good Ambassador of this family and do all of this and bring honour in my ministry be it in talking sessions or any communications and conduct her life in such a way that will please the Lord
  • The WoS Ambassador shall honour all her obligations as well as her role as a wife or mother in the same way to the organisation, our ministry partners, and networks which include all levels in community and government

Now how can I become a part of Women of Substance SA?

If you desire to live your life and be all that God created you to be and take this journey with us in His love story?

By sending us an email in completing the box below, your request to be a volunteer, partner or ambassador should indicate that. We arrange a meet and greet where sharing and positioning then takes place generally at a welcome gathering happens annually at our conference or other.

Just on a more personal note, as Women of Substance SA partners and ambassadors, we need to understand our role OUTSIDE of the team or even the committee is Just as important as that of WITHIN. Meaning that ultimately, we need to stand as role models showing our commitment to the cause in caring, imparting skills – grooming, coaching and mentoring as we continue in our quest ‘each one – make one’! Be all the man/woman God intended you to be.

Each one coming into our events is God’s hidden treasures and treated as such.  Whatever we do, whatever we portray, others need to look in and say “I want to be a part of that” My view is that we are a support structure for those in need and that they must WANT to come to every event because our focus is on THEM, reaching their full potential in Christ and not on ourselves.  We are not in a popularity contest but the win the lost and advance His Kingdom.

Then get involved in Women of Substance SA you will learn to live out our God-given talent and walk into your destiny with boldness, confidence, passion fueled by love.

Will, you TAKE A ‘LEAP’ and bring your story, for His Glory? Are you ready to share from your heart into another heart with others across the globe?