Women of Substance SA prepares women for the blessings of eternal life by helping them increase their faith and personal life, strengthen families and homes, and help those in need. WOSSA accomplishes these purposes through monthly gospel instruction through various events, and other WOSSA meetings, Networking with other women’s ministries with the same ethos, visiting teaching, and welfare and compassionate service in the communities including the passion to establish a skills center and home of healing and restoration for the abused.

Women of Substance SA are passionately committed to focus on a core part of the family, church, and society – the Woman. This is a place where women connect… relax and refresh… share their hearts shape each other’s’ lives, in leading by example as we inspire others to embrace their purpose as they take responsibility for every relationship.

We allow the unlimited power of God to work within US as we transfer knowledge and skills through networking and encouraging others in leadership to be role-models and provide a platform for coaching and mentoring. Whether we meet the need through our various community campaigns and feeding program, rescuing others from human trafficking, these are some of the many outreaches we’re able to be part of, our goal is clear: to love God’s people and to show that they are not alone and that there is hope, taking them from brokenness to wholeness.

We strive to build interconnected relationships in order to unleash their God-given ability, in essence, become a Women of Substance! In doing so we aim to impact the lives of women who will then transfer the anointing onto families, churches communities, cities and nations at large through our seminars, conferences and workshops.

Our mission is to provide preparation, inspiration, nurturing and knowledge through group mentoring, leadership training, counselling, coaching and family enrichment activities. We invite you to navigate further through our web site for more details on how you can become involved with our life changing programs. WOSSA also owns and directs the Food Bank Malmesbury.