Pray, Dance, Love, Laugh and Sing

We encourage corporate and individual worship and intercession for local, national and worldwide ministries. Life has lots of Laughs especially when you share it with a friend.  We love to spend time honouring God through praise and worship and allow the Love of God manifested through healing.  A great time to release the worries of life and experience God’s love and Joy because He cares for you.


We reach out and equip to share God’s love and His message of HOPE with everyone by sharing personal testimonies.  We desire that everyone live-life and see good days with their exclusive new friend they find through an encounter with us.

Friendship & Fellowship

To build strong and healthy relationships in the network by strengthening community among single, married, divorced and the abused through the transforming love of Jesus Christ.  An opportunity to connect and build genuine friendships and deep relationships, weekly gatherings with a small group of women and join the mixed groups to talk and share.


To study the Word of God together which will in return inspire you to follow Him by leading of the Holy Spirit?   Although many will belong to their local church body, we network with those who do not have women’s ministries or desire to be a part of this network and remain a member of their local church.