What we Do

  • Mother and child workshops

Being a mother of five daughters and many spiritual ones too, made me realise the need for our Mothers and Child/ren workshops.  There are just too many unsaid or unexplained events that take place, leaving everyone to make their own assumptions, which in the end causes broken relationships.  So being a mother, I am not suggesting that there is a lack of initiative and ability, nor does it mean getting our priorities straight. This does not mean that the men are set free from all responsibility.  What I am saying is that it’s about sharing responsibility and mostly recognizing the various gifts.  In these workshops we facilitate restoration and eradicate all the misunderstandings between a mother and her child/ren.

  • Young Souls of Substance

The energy among our young souls of substance is amazing, we encourage creativity especially in the Arts where these young souls get to be true to themselves.  Annual conferences and regular workshops and equipping are what drives these souls to experience joy mostly through evangelism through productions.

  • Couples of Destiny

The family is the foundation of society. A successful marriage brings joy to the extended family and the community—but marriage can also bring challenging problems. How can you improve your marriage? We need to strengthen our families and our marriages. The stability and health of the nation is greatly dependent on the stability and health of the family.  Through our couples encounter, date night and marriage conference we encourage, equip and strengthen relationships.

  • BBN – Breakthrough Business Network

BBN started with a growing need to gather businesses and network with those who wish to seek opportunities for growth by hosting seminars and workshops for entrepreneurs alike.

Calvin and Terri Hannie first opened the Business Breakthrough Network with a breakfast seminar, addressing the importance of better understanding of how the network and other opportunities for businesses will continue through these gatherings.

We encouraged everyone to maintain relationships, so people can be acquainted with the services and products they produce. You may think your business is small today, but you could be a big company tomorrow!

The need to create job opportunities is always on the table so we are here to help you seek opportunities for growth in your businesses.

Our Core Purpose

Women of Substance SA prepares women for the blessings of eternal life by helping them increase their faith and personal life, strengthen families and homes, and help those in need.  WOSSA accomplishes these purposes through monthly gospel instruction through the various events, and other WOSSA meetings, Networking with other women’s ministries with the same ethos, visiting teaching, and welfare and compassionate service in the communities including the passion to establish a skills centre and home of healing and restoration for the abused.

Women of Substance SA are passionately committed to focus on a core part of the family, church, and society – the Woman.  This is a place where women connect… relax and refresh… share their hearts shape each other’s’ lives, in leading by example as we inspire others to embrace their purpose as they take responsibility for every relationship.

We allow the unlimited power of God to work within US as we transfer knowledge and skills through networking and encouraging others in leadership to be role-models, and provide a platform for coaching and mentoring. Whether we meet the need through our various community campaigns and feeding program, rescuing others from human trafficking, these are some of the many outreaches we’re able to be part of, our goal is clear: to love God’s people and to show that they are not alone and that there is hope, taking them from brokenness to wholeness.

We strive to build interconnected relationships in order to unleash their God-given ability, in essence, become a Women of Substance!  In doing so we aim to impact the lives of women who will then transfer the anointing onto families, churches communities, cities and nations at large through our seminars, conferences and workshops.

Our mission is to provide preparation, inspiration, nurturing and knowledge through group mentoring, leadership training, counseling, coaching and family enrichment activities.   We invite you to navigate further through our web site for more details on how you can become involved with our life changing programs. WOSSA also owns and directs the Food Bank Malmesbury.

Our Priorities

  • To Empower and train, men, women, and children to be great leaders.
  • To build and retain successful relationships with men’s and other organisations.
  • To host events that serve our communities that will extend our mission to the nations.
  • To be fiscally accountable and responsible by creating abundance through our projects.

Standards for Ambassadors

  • To be courteous with other ministers, speakers and guests in a manner of excellence and respect treating all with great dignity being punctual at all times
  • To show compassion and be supportive
  • To be transparent at all times. Speak truthfully (and be open to receive the truth) and shall by no means be a part of any plagiarism and steer clear from using resources belonging to others, this applies to both oral or in writing, unless permission granted from the inventor/originator.
  • To maintain the right attitude in every situation
  • To do all things with integrity, in honesty and excellence, respecting confidentiality.
  • To be a good Ambassador of this family and do all of this and bring honour in my ministry be it in talking sessions or any communications and conduct her life in such a way that will please the Lord
  • The WoS Ambassador shall honour all her obligations as well as her role as a wife or mother in the same way to the organisation, our ministry partners, and networks which include all levels in community and government

Now how can I become a part of Women of Substance SA?

If you desire to live your life and be all that God created you to be and take this journey with us in His love story?

By sending us an email in completing the box below, your request to be a volunteer, partner or ambassador should indicate that. We arrange a meet and greet where sharing and positioning then takes place generally at a welcome gathering happens annually at our conference or other.

Just on a more personal note, as Women of Substance SA partners and ambassadors, we need to understand our role OUTSIDE of the team or even the committee is Just as important as that of WITHIN. Meaning that ultimately, we need to stand as role models showing our commitment to the cause in caring, imparting skills – grooming, coaching and mentoring as we continue in our quest ‘each one – make one’! Be all the man/woman God intended you to be.

Each one coming into our events is God’s hidden treasures and treated as such.  Whatever we do, whatever we portray, others need to look in and say “I want to be a part of that” My view is that we are a support structure for those in need and that they must WANT to come to every event because our focus is on THEM, reaching their full potential in Christ and not on ourselves.  We are not in a popularity contest but the win the lost and advance His Kingdom.

Then get involved in Women of Substance SA you will learn to live out our God-given talent and walk into your destiny with boldness, confidence, passion fueled by love.

Will, you TAKE A ‘LEAP’ and bring your story, for His Glory? Are you ready to share from your heart into another heart with others across the globe?

How do I become a Women of Substance SA Ambassador?

Complete the Application for Membership form which allows you special discounts and privileges.

Application for Membership 2017 – 2018