In 2004 we had our very first Mother and child workshop which was aimed at restoring and enhancing relationships between mothers and children.
This event was held at in Observatory and had an attendance of 60 guests. On arrival, guests were welcomed with coffee and a warm breakfast that was served by friendly caterers. The program for the day was filled with creativity, entertainment, beauty and wise words from experience mothers and children.
We had a songwriter who entertained us with her songs
Fashion stylist and designer that showed the ladies how to dress for their body shape
Make-up artist, Jacqui, who spoke on beauty and shared lovely tips
Lovely gift prizes
Speaker, Brigette Raper, with her daughters

These workshops continued over the years and some of the guest speakers we hosted were as follows:
Sandra Brill and her children, Delfina Coreira, Natasha van Tonder, Chrystal Schilder and her daughters, Arlene Naidoo and her children, Candice Booysen and her Mom, My own Mom Grace Dempers with my daughters, Heidi Turner and her son, Lezan Erasmus with her Mom, Belinda Burger, Bonishia Williams and her Son, Nicolene Smith and her children, Barbara Assur and her son, Jane Da Mingo with her children, Rabecca Mc Guiken

Mothers had the opportunity to talk to their children on the various topics and certain subject matters that they addressed following a discussion, some needed facilitation. It was clear that everybody received what they came for and had fun.
To God be all the glory for these testimonies –
At these workshops mothers and children are free to share struggles, family secrets and pain that they are facing on a daily basis.

TESTIMONY 1: A young lady shared on how she was abused, by her grandfather, which caused her to act out of character causing others to reject her. She found restoration and encouragement through the talks of the day. When we start to reveal our issues, healing and restoration will flow.

TESTIMONY 2: At another workshop we saw a mother and child hugged who never hugged in 23 years. That hug left the mom so overwhelmed that she had to share her joy; with tears of joy rolling down her cheeks and thanking God for Victory.

TESTIMONY 3: A mom shared on the drug addiction challenges her daughter was struggling with. This testimony was such an eye opener to all present. The young lady was restored beautifully and our peer group leaders continued to motivate and encourage her through break-away sessions and regular visitation thereafter.

TESTIMONY 4: A mother, with young kids, shared how her Obsessive Cleaning Disorder affected her family.

TESTIMONY 5: A young lady gave her child to her parents for fostering and wanted help in getting her child back; we sought God to reveal to the child why she was left with her grandparents. This too became a victorious moment for the entire family.

TESTIMONY 6: A child asked our help as the parents are always arguing and fighting. This child was just longing for love and peace in their home. After addressing the matter with the couple things are going well. The couple now joins our Couples of Destiny events to be trained and equipped for life’s challenges.

TESTIMONY 7: A mother and adult child have not spoken in years, after listening to the speakers, testimonies these two had time to reflect and during the interactive session we could not stop them from talking. . . .the rest is history!

What can I do to make my mom happy, she is always sad and angry?
What can I do to improve the relationship between my son/my daughter and his father/her mother?
How can I prevent my mother responding to me abruptly when I ask her to go out?

These workshops continue every year as the Lord leads however popular the demand!
Balancing family in the home, workplace, ministry and marriage or for some it’s just to enhance or celebrate their relationship! This is the reason we host Mother and Child workshops, to enrich lives through real-life stories, bringing revelation as we need the Spirit of God to Illuminate our minds to the truth of God’s word, and gives us an opportunity to restore and accept each other’s differences. Mostly to embrace each other in our uniqueness irrespective of the issues that arise, by trusting that God would help each one to be healed and restored!
I’VE BEEN THERE BEFORE: Nothing more powerful than listening to someone who has been victorious in a situation similar to what you are currently going through.
A Mother’s love and a child’s expectations! Continues – be sure to bring your child or, and mother to experience the entrance to another dimension in your relationship, not forgetting how ‘UNIQUELY YOU’ – you really are.

You can take what are relevant to you, apply it and see change take place before your eyes.
Somewhere between the unbreakable bond of infant and mother and teen or adulthood, many things get lost in translation and a mom’s language of love is not necessarily the language a child needs to experience at that particular point in their lives. We teach you how to dance together without treading on one and another’s toes.
We always invite special guests where we have a few moms with their children to share real life and relationship matters that will touch and change your heart. You are not in isolation, Mom, Child, Grandmother, Guardian, Spiritual Mom, Acting Mom, you are special! And we honor all Mother’s, single, married, divorced, alone without child or other.

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