About US

As a person of substance, it is one whose life has been so drastically impacted by God that it should be the very driving force for being a person of tenacity.  One who may or may not have gone through hardships and even if he/she didn’t “win” still comes out stronger, smarter and wiser; one who supports others and no matter what the cost they still lead — despite what others think or say. A person who “uses” their life as a living testimony … who by no means is a spectator but a participator as is a part of the solution as opposed to the problem.


Chair: Calvin Hannie; Vice Chair: Nelson Mawema; Secretary: Ronel Kraynauw; Treasurer: Mariza Esterhuizen; Operations: Larvika Singh;  Helps: Leslie and Heidi Turner; Administration: Noel and Bonnie Williams; Young Souls: Desiree Smith; Media: John Mankopan; Evangelism: Sidney Rainers.

Vacant Posts: Marketing, Advertising and Arts