Who We Are

Welcome to Women of Substance SA (WOSSA), a faith-based, non-denominational organization, a division of KEEP THE DREAM 193 who partner with other NPO’s (Non profit organisations).

What we Do

We run various programs through forums for Men, Women, Children and Families including the blended ones, as a unit which are designed to enable them…..

Brave Hearts

The Women of Substance Network salute women who have shown courage in their storms, tenacity through adversity.

Our Vision

We strive to To build interconnected relationships with other Women’s ministries in order to unleash their God-given ability, in essence become Women of Substance! We aim to touch 10 000 women who will then transfer the anointing onto 40 000 families, churches communities, cities and nations at large by December 2017

Our Mission

It’s Our Mission to allow the unlimited power of God to work within US as we transfer knowledge and skills through networking and encouraging others to be role-models; God transforms us from mediocrity to extraordinary as we provide a platform for coaching and mentoring.

Our Core Purpose

Women of Substance focus on a core part of the church family and society; the Christian woman, this is a place where women connect… relax and refresh… share their hearts and shape each others’ lives through the word of God!

About Us

To me, a person of substance is one whose life has been so drastically impacted by God that it should be the very driving force for being a person of tenacity. One who may or may not have gone through hardships and even if he/she didn’t “win” still comes out stronger, smarter and wiser; one who supports others and no matter what the cost they still lead — despite what others think or say. A person who “uses” their life as a living testimony … who by no means is a spectator but a participator as is a part of the solution as opposed to the problem.

  • Conferences

    We are living in an era where social media is the instant thing, although some assume conferences are no longer effective. I differ to the norm as conferences are still the most effective learning and network platforms especially in ministry.

  • Workshops

    Our workshops are introduced when we introduce new concepts spurring engagement for activation. We use this platform to network and synergy creating a sense of community as we focus on a common goal.

  • Seminars

    Seminars are smaller groups gathering that solely focus on a discipline or specific topic the group wants to explore. They usually last for a day but can go up to five days with multiple speakers which involves cooperative discussions, identify and explore the solutions to problems.

  • Information Sessions

    These sessions can last from one to three hours with Q and A at the end. They offer you the opportunity to learn about the organization and its programs and experiential learning opportunities with various methods in which you can engage.

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